My House

Grand Canyon National Park | Flickr | CC BY 2.0

Renovating My House

Renovations can include window restoration or replacement; a new front door; front porch restoration; roof replacement; reconstruction of soffits, gutters and fascia; brick repointing and repair; new paint; and new siding or the replacement of aged or damaged siding. Larger renovations may include adding box and bay windows, dormers and porches. Poorly executed renovations can harm a house, making the most beautiful house an eyesore regardless of how much money is spent. Conversely, an inexpensive but well-detailed modification to an existing house could add significant value.

If you are the owner of a late 19th- or early 20th-century house, it should be relatively easy for you to determine your house’s style. You may already know the year it was built. It is advisable to seek the services of an architect familiar with traditional architecture to help guide you through major renovations or additions. As you proceed through design, make sure your architect remains sensitive to both neighborhood and architectural patterns.